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2 Traffic Cops Flee after being asked for Identification by woman recording video

Traffic Cops Caught Red Handed

Have you noticed that all of a sudden it seems like the video camera is mightier than anything else? Today I witnessed first hand that if caught red-handed even the cops will flee.

A video shared on Twitter shows two traffic cops fleeing the scene as a woman recorded a video. The woman who was supposed to pay a traffic fine simply asked these two cops on duty for their identification.

Traffic Cops Caught Red Handed

The two are seen trying to hide from the camera as the woman kept asking them questions. Eventually, the male cop thought the best way to deal with this woman was to flee the scene of the crime. Clearly now the video camera is mightier than the uniform especially when caught red-handed.

The woman was, by all means, right to ask why they didn’t have their name tags on. With the rise in the robberies by people pretending to be the police, it’s only right to know who is arresting you and why they are doing that.

Maybe it’s high time we all invest in that dashboard cam, you never know when it may come in handy. Watch the video below as the unknown cops flee the scene!

Even the Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula came and commented on the above video, he said – Correct the lady is holding the law enforcement accountable, working together we can do more.

We wonder what will happen to this cops seeing that the registration of their vehicle was clearly shown in the video. We can only wait and see.

Source – Twitter/News365coza

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