South Africans stuck in Sudan give an account of the situation

More than forty South African ex-pats are stuck in Sudan where conflict has escalated. Fighting is continuing without any sign of cessation of hostilities. Some South Africans who are stuck in Khartoum say the faction that is fighting the government is trying to take over the national broadcaster, army barracks and the airport.

One South African trapped in Sudan says, “When we got here, exactly after an hour, it was horrific. It’s bad out there. Another South African, Pierre Rousseau and his wife Charmaine are currently in Omdurman, a town close to Khartoum. They have been stuck in their apartment for the past seven days.

The International Relations Department says it has been approached by countries such as Zimbabwe to consider helping their citizens when Pretoria evacuates its citizens.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has again called for a ceasefire that will allow humanitarian assistance and evacuation of those affected by the conflict.

Source: SABC

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Nkosazana Daughter

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