Groom jumps on top of his bride, displays his bedroom prowess in front of guests – WATCH

A groom caused a massive stir on his wedding day after he did the unthinkable in front of guests.

Wedding videos on social media are the flavour of the season and every day or the other, funny and heartwarming videos of weddings go viral.

One such hilarious video has gone viral on social media, showing the displaying his bedroom prowess in front of guests.

Elated that he had finally secured a woman to spend the rest of his life with, he jumped on top of his newly-wed wife and displayed his bedroom prowess.

They performed the ѕєχʋαl act on a new mattress that they had been gifted at the wedding.

Guests who had turned up at the wedding, including children, cheered him as he displayed his ‘bedminton’ skills.

Watch the video below:

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