Young man left in tears after bae said no to his marriage proposal in public – VIDEO

An anonymous man has cursed the very day he was born after the love of his life humiliated him to the core in public and rejected his love and marriage proposal.

In a trending video has intercepted, the man went down on his knees in public where thousands have gathered for their daily activities and proposed marriage to his girlfriend, thinking the lady will jump in the air and accept him.

However, it appears that what he was thinking was the exact opposite of that of his girlfriend as the lady said no to him.

The man started crying and begged the lady to accept him but the lady stood on her grounds, leaving those around amazed.

One person who felt pity for the man joined him to beg the lady.

Checking his reaction in the video below, he probably couldn’t believe what was happening at that moment. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW…

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