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Residents escape heavy shelling in the city of Irpin

Ukrainian military helped residents in the city of Irpin to escape as heavy Russian shelling hit on Sunday. Abandoning buildings on fire and carrying plastic bags, people took the only escape route out of the town with their children and pets in the attempt to reach buses and vehicles that would take them to safety.

Ukrainian police said there was relentless Russian shelling and air raids in the northeast Kharkiv region, reporting many casualties, while the United Nations World Health Organization said there had been several attacks on Ukrainian healthcare facilities.

Irpin is located 24km from the capital Kyiv. Moscow and Kyiv have traded blame over Saturday’s failed ceasefire to allow civilians to flee Mariupol and Volnovakha, two southern cities besieged by Russian forces.

Ukraine said more talks were set for Monday but Russia was less definitive. People who have been able to escape Ukraine spilled into neighbouring Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and elsewhere.

Source: IOL

In other news – Kim Kardashian is upset and angry after Kanye West released a music video

Kim Kardashian is upset and angry after Kanye West released a music video featuring a Claymation version of Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson being kidnapped, tied up and buried.

Kim Kardashian West

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