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Reason why we’re not seeing actress Brenda Ngxoli on our screens

Popular South African actress Brenda Ngxoli shot to fame when she played Vuyo in Home Affairs. But the bubbly actress is hardly seen on TV screens these days. It’s alleged she’s frustrated and feels cancelled by the industry.

A source close to the actress said she’s outspoken and vocal on issues, which could be the reason for her not finding work.

“Brenda is one of the underrated actors in the country. Looking at her phenomenal talent, you’d expect her to be on most shows. One thing about her, she’s vocal and takes no nonsense. Wrong her, and she’ll call you out. That woman can’t pretend as if everything is right,” said the source.

Brenda Ngxoli

In 2016, Brenda flooded X, formerly known as Twitter, with posts expressing her unhappiness on Uzalo set.

She was scheduled to play a mad woman, Patjutju, but couldn’t stand what she called “looming exploitation”.

“I felt exploitation was coming my way and left. I now know producers love you when you’re a slave and stupid,” Brenda wrote on X in 2016.

After dumping the show, Patjutju was then played by the late Lindiwe Ndlovu.

Another source said Brenda doesn’t offer favours when she’s asked to.

Brenda Ngxoli

“Part of the acting industry is dirty. Some secure jobs because they’ve done favours. And Brenda believes in her talent. For her, it’s only her talent that secures her a job.

“It’s a known fact that a vocal person has a slim chance of finding a job. So, Brenda is frustrated now because she thinks the industry has cancelled her. But she still sticks to her beliefs that she’s not going to sell her soul by doing favours to get a job,” added the source.

But Brenda said she’s not frustrated because she knows why it’s difficult for her to land roles.

“I can’t be silenced. I speak my mind and there are some things I won’t do to get a job. I’ve been victimised on some sets because of my behaviour and what I believe in. The industry can cancel me, but I won’t change who I am,” said Brenda.

The actress played Noma on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen and Brigadier Nandi Donga on the Netflix’s iNumber Number.

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