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Karma? Old video of Gcinile making fun of people scammed by then-boyfriend Grootman surfaces

Amid the mixed reactions towards the leak of the s.e.x tape, some social media users have dug out old files on Gcinile Twala saying she actually deserves what just happened to her, since she mocked people who got scammed by her then-boyfriend, Grootman.

Gcinile Twala

While some are sympathizing with her, others have labeled the leak as karma to her past actions where she was enjoying the money scammed from innocent people by her ex-man.

Grootman and Gcinile

In a video that has surfaced, she can be seen out with her friends having a good time in a fancy restaurant, saying these people (scam victims) should not bother her man, and must leave him alone.


[videopress tnG4nRuY]

Meanwhile, the relationship and break-up drama is far from over. The once-famous social media couple is topping trends after a ‘jealous’ Grootman called out his baby mama for moving on after their breakup, even demanding she return the things he bought her. Recently a steamy session of the couple has been leaked.

In other news – Yvonne Chaka Chaka goes back to school

Yvonne Chaka Chaka, the Princess of Africa is happy to have finished her honours degree. She completed honours in management practices and leadership from the Henley Business School in December. The iconic singer spoke to Daily Sun about going back to school.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka

“I went back to school because I sit on different boards, and some of them are international. If you go there and you’ve got no knowledge, it becomes a mission, and that’s what inspired me to do management practices and leadership. Read More