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Generations actress Refilwe Madumo (Fikile) drops a bomb

Two of the biggest bombs have been dropped on Generations: The Legacy. Nkosiyabo found out that Fikile, with whom he had a recent encounter, is aware of his role in her daughter Didi’s death.

She told him after he learned, through Fikile’s side dish Anathi, that she orchestrated a scandal to tarnish his niece Dr Sphe’s reputation. This was in a bid to seek vengeance for Didi’s death, which Nkosiyabo insists was accidental.

Refilwe Madumo

Truth be told, Didi’s death was indeed an accident. Nkosiyabo didn’t know he had bumped into a person until days later when it emerged that Didi was in hospital fighting for her life. Sadly, she died and Fikile’s still as heartbroken as she was when it happened.

There’s no greater pain for a parent than losing their child. Fikile’s anger and pain are understandable but so is Nkosiyabo’s fear of confessing.

Refilwe Madumo

Ayanda’s loving being in the driver’s seat at Ezweni. This after the board voted to remove her bae, Nkosiyabo, pending an investigation into his alleged dealings with a presidential candidate.

Nkosiyabo takes every opportunity to remind her he’ll be back, further straining their relationship.


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Popular South African actress Brenda Ngxoli shot to fame when she played Vuyo in Home Affairs. But the bubbly actress is hardly seen on TV screens these days. It’s alleged she’s frustrated and feels cancelled by the industry.

Brenda Ngxoli

A source close to the actress said she’s outspoken and vocal on issues, which could be the reason for her not finding work. “Brenda is one of the underrated actors in the country. Looking at her phenomenal talent, you’d expect her to be on most shows. Read More