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Three injured in Panga attack

Panga attack

KwaZulu-Natal: At 21H02 Friday night Netcare 911 responded to reports of an assault at a residence in Hayfields Pietermaritzburg.

When paramedics arrived on scene they found two elderly females and an elderly man handcuffed lying on the floor covered in blood.

It was alleged that the occupants of the house had been accosted by home invaders and were attacked with what is believed to be a panga.

The patients had sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate and were treated on scene by an Advanced life support paramedic.

Once stabilised two of the patients were transported by ambulance to hospital for further treatment.

The third patient was transported privately to hospital a short while later. Circumstances leading up to the incident will be investigated by the relevant authorities.

Shawn Herbst
Media Liaison Officer
Netcare Limited
Netcare 911

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Pabi Moloi

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