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Pabi Moloi arrested

One thing about life is, once you accept that you wronged something and you apologize, that is what is called wisdom. Thursday night would be a night of regret for media personality Pabi Moloi after she was arrested after a night out on the town.

Pabi Moloi

Pabi, after a couple of drinks on Thursday night, decided to drive herself home and got pulled over by the police. She states that she was arrested and regrets her poor decision making that night in a heartfelt apology she posted on all her socials.

It’s truly worth applauding that nobody got hurt that night and that Pabi is apologetic and remorseful of her decision to drink and drive.

This was a moment of reflection for the star and she is ready to submit to the consequences of her actions and leaves the ball in the courts’ hands.

Pabi Moloi

We can all learn from Pabi’s mistake and hopefully take in that nobody is indispensable- even our favourite Mzansi celebs are merely human.

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