The Witcher 3 Boss Guide to Caranthir

During the final main sequence of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt, and Ciri work to isolate the villain Eredin from all of his supporters. However, one supporter remains when they make their move: Caranthir the Navigator. As a navigator, Caranthir can move the Wild Hunt between dimensions, and he’s a powerful sorcerer as well.

Unlike every other boss fight in The Witcher 3, players fight Caranthir as both Ciri and Geralt, one after the other. Not only that, but Caranthir’s attack pattern changes depending on who he fights. If players want to beat him, they’ll have to figure out not one but two winning strategies.

The Setup

Witcher 3 Ciri on Ice

During the quest “On Thin Ice,” Geralt joins the main assault on the Naglfar, but then Caranthir’s ice magic freezes him and the other soldiers. To stop him, Ciri teleports in and cuts her way through a number of Wild Hunt soldiers and hounds. This part moves quickly since every enemy dies in one strike, but then the fight against Caranthir is just as hard as any other boss battle. However, once Caranthir loses about one-third of his health, Ciri teleports away and Geralt takes over.

Ciri Combat Strategies

Witcher 3 Ciri vs Caranthir
  • Ciri doesn’t use signs, potions, oils, or bombs. However, her health constantly regenerates, she can teleport instead of dodging and rolling, and she can use a Blink attack by holding down the button for casting signs. If she has one target she’ll hit twice, and if she has multiple targets she’ll hit up to five of them at once.
  • During this stage, Caranthir fights identically with Ciri. He also teleports around and uses his staff for melee strikes.
  • Blink isn’t the best idea during this fight. While Ciri can use it to hit Caranthir mid-teleport, Caranthir can hit Ciri while she’s Blinking.
  • If Ciri’s health drops, she should keep her distance from Caranthir until she has a chance to regenerate.
  • The best overall strategy is simple: wait for Caranthir to teleport next to Ciri, dodge behind him, hit him once or twice, then dodge away.

Geralt Combat Strategies

Witcher 3 Geralt vs Caranthir
  • Caranthir starts using magic when he fights Geralt. He can fire off several ice bolts that slow Geralt when they hit, summon ice elementals, and cover himself in ice armor that reduces the damage he takes.
  • Like the rest of the Wild Hunt, Caranthir is Aen Elle, an elf from another world. This would make him humanoid, but Geralt fights him with his silver sword. This means no oil is truly effective against the Caranthir, but Geralt should still apply Elementa Oil to make short work of the summoned ice elementals.
  • If Geralt can strike Caranthir as he’s summoning his ice bolts, the elf will stagger for a second.
  • The ice elementals can be dangerous in large numbers, but they have relatively few hit points. Geralt should try to defeat each of them when they appear, and he can get a boost from doing so by drinking Blizzard first.
  • Another way to handle the elementals is to let Caranthir do all the dirty work. If Geralt hides behind an elemental, the mage’s ice bolts will hit it and deal damage.
  • The Igni sign and Dancing Star bomb will destroy Caranthir’s ice armor. They’re also effective against the elementals.
  • Caranthir can still teleport, but he does so much less often. This means strong attacks are very effective.

Once Caranthir’s health is down to around one-tenth, a cutscene will start and Geralt will end up underwater. After that comes a short run to the Naglfar, and then the big fight against Eredin will begin.


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