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Surprising Reasons you’re not Losing Weight

Losing Weight

When you’re on top of your meals and have your training program set to a tee, you expect to see results. Lean meats, fresh fruits, complex carbs and loads of green veggies, paired with a good sweat session, should show a drop in the scale over time.

But if your weight loss has plateaued or you’ve hit a snag, it’s time to reassess.

Everybody is different: that’s the message Bruce Y. Lee, the executive director of the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins University, wants to send when it comes to weight loss.

“There’s been a lot of fad dieting and fad exercise programs,” Lee says. The reason that a single diet plan and the same exercise routine don’t work for everybody is that we all live different lives in unique bodies that have their own needs.

“You have to tailor what you do to yourself,” he says. Instead of following a specific diet or exercise plan, don’t be afraid to try lots of different things to find what works for you.
Weight loss isn’t just about working out: It’s also about what you eat. But many people still don’t pay enough attention to food and portion size, Lee says.

Losing Weight

You won’t have much success sustainably losing weight without getting your diet under control, for two reasons.

First, without the proper fuel, even getting into the gym or out on the road is hard. You’ll drag.

Second, diet and exercise are both factors shaping weight loss, Lee says, and trying to figure out which one is more important is “sort of like asking ‘which is more important, your arm or your leg?’” That means you should pay as much attention to what you’re eating as you do to how you’re working out, which may mean investing more time in meal planning.

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