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This is what you must do before your Evening Run

Homemade mince pies

Do you sit all day? Between commuting, a long day at the office and meals/downtime, these hours really add up! And even worse, they put a big damper on your running if you don’t properly manage the effects before and after your workout.

Evening Run

Here are three short circuits designed to get you moving and feeling your best on every run—especially those that happen at the end of a long day. To follow along to more routines just like this, download our mobile training app now.

In other news – Surprising Reasons you’re Not Losing Weight

When you’re on top of your meals and have your training program set to a tee, you expect to see results. Lean meats, fresh fruits, complex carbs and loads of green veggies, paired with a good sweat session, should show a drop in the scale over time. Learn more

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