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Easy ways to get in Shape Faster

Get in Shape Faster

With warm weather right around the corner, you might be thinking about dropping a few pounds or getting in better shape. But transitioning from winter’s bulking season to summer shorts and bathing suits can be a challenge.

Get in Shape Faster

While there are no shortcuts to long-lasting fitness—and nothing worth having comes easy—there are a few tips you can implement to help push the process along.

Switch to a higher-protein diet. 1 of 11.
Drink more water. 2 of 11.
Prioritize compound movements. 3 of 11.
Increase time under tension. 4 of 11.
Focus on HIIT workouts. 5 of 11.
Join a training group or find a workout partner. 6 of 11.
Set tangible athletic goals. 7 of 11.
Change it up. 8 of 11.

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