Skolopad to fans – I can’t take selfies when I’m at work

Skolopad isn’t ready to lose her professional job as a nurse, as she pleads with fans to stop asking for selfies while she’s in the hospital working.


The star is a singer, actress and a nurse and she’s been able to balance the three.
The actress took to Instagram pleading with fans not put her precious job at risk.


“Kindly note that when I’m at work, “Hospital”, I can’t take selfies with you guys, cos that mite put my precious job at risk.


In other news – Former YoTV presenter Crazy Lu cremated in Cambodia

The family of rapper Luther ‘Crazy Lu’ Cohen has returned to South Africa with his ashes
The former YoTV presenter died in the Southeast Asian nation earlier this month after reportedly suffering an asthma attack. He is believed to have had asthma his whole life. The musician’s family travelled to Cambodia last week.

Crazy Lu

His brother, TV producer Marvin Cohen told Channel 24 that he was cremated during a Buddhist ceremony on Tuesday. The rapper died on November 8, but his family could only travel to Cambodia on November 15 because of a public holiday and three-day water festival taking place in the country. Many businesses in the area had closed shop for the festivities. Read more

Source: Fakaza

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