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Pissed Jessica Nkosi puts woman in her place for hating on her blonde hair

Whoever Ma Nami wrote for, should be regretting why she said that after such a spicy clap back which even water can not neutralize.

Actress and media personality Jessica Nkosi is used to having critics questioning her style choices and she doesn’t shy away from clapping back.

The critics are coming for Jessica’s blonde hair. The beauty has made blonde hair her signature style for the past couple of months and now it seems some of her followers have had enough and want her to change.

Jessica Nkosi

Taking to Instagram stories, Jessica addressed the criticism saying there are bigger things to be worrying about in the world.

I don’t get it… how can you be tired of my hair. Some people can be so tiring….WTF, you feel the need to inform me that you tired of my hair. As if it’s on your head,” Jessica lashed out.

Jessica Nkosi

There are big problems that you can tackle than obsessing over my hair. ‘I’m sure you have a lot going on in your life sisi, focus on that. Go brush your teeth, say a prayer, go bang your head against a wall! Leave me alone,” she added.

Safe to say the actress has had enough!

Jessica Nkosi


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