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Jessica Nkosi shows love, gives mommy-to-be actress, Zenande Mfenyana pregnancy tips

Actress Jessica has shown some love to Zenande after sharing some pregnancy tips on what she should do to feel comfortable during her pregnancy period.

It’s times like these when sisters need to stick together and Jessica Nkosi has now become ‘mommy to be’ Zenande Mfenyana’s go-to girl for pregnancy comfort tips.

Actress Zenande Mfenyana has been very open with her pregnancy, always keeping her 1 million twitter followers updated about her journey to motherhood including her swollen feet.

Jessica Nkosi and Zenande Mfenyana

Mfenyana took to twitter to check on all the mothers out there who are also dealing with swollen feet in this cold weather. The actress stated that because of her feet she is putting comfort first but hates wearing flip flops asking if she should opt to wear slippers or buy bigger shoes when going out in public.

“So how are all the other mommies-to-be with balloon feet doing in this cold? I’m stepping out today and I’m dreading wearing my flip flops do you ladies wear your slippers in public? Or did you buy bigger shoes” Mfenyana said.

Jessica Nkosi and Zenande Mfenyana

Jessica Nkosi being a mother to her adorable daughter Nami, responded to Mfenyana’s question telling her to enjoy the time of pregnancy and do what she wants because it’s all about her and her comfortability.

Wear your slippers mama, it’s about you, you need to be comfortable,” Jessica said.

The two actresses will now become co-stars as Jessica Nkosi is one of the many recent additions to the Mzansi Magic hit soapie ‘The Queen” so this might be the start of another celeb BFF situation.


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