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Best and easy way to Motivate your Workout

Athletes have long turned to music to motivate their activities. While there’s nothing wrong with training to a beat, there might be an even better way to boost your performance: podcasts. Whether you listen while you work out or at work, podcasts can provide information, insight and fun conversations that can motivate your training. Tuning into an athletic podcast can improve your connection to your training by providing you with the latest news, gear reviews, interviews with experts or accounts of personal experiences.

Here are some podcasts that will help make you a better athlete:

NIKE Trained: From tennis to lifting to running, get the latest training tips and aspirational advice from Nike’s best trainers and athletes.
Athletes Unfiltered: Presented by Strava, this podcast dives into the struggles and triumphs of athletes to motivate and improve the scope of what it means to be an athlete.
20 Minute Fitness: Get a quick skim on what’s trending in the world of science and technology as it relates to getting a fitter body.
Rambling Runner: If running is your sport, you’ll greatly enjoy this one. Runners of varying abilities, distances and backgrounds are interviewed to showcase many facets of the sport.
The Body Science Podcast: Learn about how different substances and situations effect your body and therefore your performance—all with an Australian accent.

The Consummate Athlete: This podcast interviews athletes from a range of endurance disciplines (mostly cycling and running) and gives insight into training tips, races, gear and nutrition.
Inside the Adventure Best Podcasts: Listen to the experiences of athletes; Olympians to recreational adventure seekers, share epic stories of pushing the limits.
Hungry For Results: Each episode provides a glimpse into how experts and athletes use food as fuel to get results.

Zwift Power Up: Cycling coaches provide the latest on what’s happening in the professional peloton (tips, gear, racing dynamics and more) and how to implement it for yourself.

High Performance Mindset: Physical training only gets you so far. Tune into this podcast to learn insight on overcoming the mental blocks associated with training and competing.
Some podcasts are put on by large brands with big budgets and others are recorded on your friend’s couch with a phone. Either way, they can provide great information and stories to motivate you to be a better athlete. Give the podcasts you love a rating and review to help others find them and enjoy the content.

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