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Simply workout to Challenge your whole Body

Make this workout work for your needs by adjusting times, sets and using equipment you have at home (a jug of water can be a great weight!) or resources outside (staircase or hill in your yard). Since HIIT can be tough on the body, ease into this to avoid injury, simply do only one set for the first week and add additional sets from there.

You could also add longer rest periods while you learn the routine and develop good form. Adding weights, bosu balls or bands will ramp up the difficulty.

Each set is five minutes, consisting of 40 seconds of movement with 20 seconds of rest. Do one set three times or all three sets once for a total of 15 minutes.

Set 1 – Legs
Jumping split lunge
Stair climb (high knees if you don’t have stairs nearby)
Jump rope
Flutter kick squat
Wall sit

Set 2 – Core
Russian twist
Reverse crunch
Mountain climbers
Superman plank

Set 3 – Arms
Tricep dips using a chair
Overhead press
Hammer curls

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Lebo M

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