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Fear for AKA’s life as well-known SA rapper threatens to kill him

Mzansi hip-hop star AKA can never seem to catch a break even when he is mourning the love of his life, Anele Tembe. It’s no secret that the Supa Mega had people he was beefing within the industry and that did not change after he lost Anele in the most tragic way. The people he beefed with did not utter a word about the passing, at least not on public platforms, which is commendable but we cannot say the same about Ifani.

Rapper Ifani has yet again taken another jab at AKA and this is the second time he dissed him using the late Anele Tembe’s situation. What happened to respecting the deceased Ifani?

He and fellow Xhosa rapper Big Xhosa collaborated on a song that missed the mark with a lot of people. The only reason it trended when it was released was that most people spoke negatively about it. Especially because it is titled ‘Ikuku Endala.’

Now, people are speaking about it because of a few TikTok videos where people reacted to Ifani’s line. Jaws dropped when Ifani said, “If I see AKA imma kill myself.”

This line was referring to the many claims that Anele committed suicide, even her former fiancé made this claim. Ifani showed no remorse even after seeing the videos and he continued to provoke AKA saying he is finishing what he started.

He is referring to the time AKA dissed his music career saying he is a rubbish rapper and also dissed his Gold plaque.

During an interview with Hellen Hirimbi on i(m)bali, he said, “Ifani is the most capped artists of all time, he is totally rubbish. I don’t wanna knock on another man’s hustle but come on man he is rubbish,” he said at the time.

That did not sit well with Ifani who still has not healed from that. Sharing the videos he said he is done with AKA and that he has put a full stop on their beef. Finally!

I’m washing my hands…I’m done with you @akaworldwide, For ever! No more!! But please please…don’t provoke a dyan again,” he warned. In another video he said, “What did I say @akaworldwide? I said: if you start it, I’ll finish it. It’s finished now. Don’t start it again, ndiyakwaz ke wen awuva. [I know you very well.]

People are telling Ifani to rest and let the beef go.

If I didn’t know better, I would say AKA is The person you look up to…The person you wanna become when you grow up…The person you admire,” he said.

Jerr… Bringing other people in a war between two people. Some of them are no more even,” another warned.

Bro it is over for you its been over for you stop trynna resurrect…even this line won’t give you your career back!!

Two months back, Ifani dissed AKA who has not retaliated since. Ifani decided to deride a mourning Kiernan saying he does not feel sorry for him after he laid his fiancé to rest. AKA lost his fiancée last month when she fell from a Cape Town hotel.

“I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity anymore I feel for Nkosinathi, I feel for Kiernan (crying face emoji). No, wait, sungxama (don’t get mad)…I feel for Nkosinathi qha, (only)” he tweeted.


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