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Manager / Bestuurder needed urgently: APPLY NOW


Manager / Bestuurder needed urgently: APPLY NOW

Bellville, Western Cape
Programme development

The Manager is responsible and guides the process for the development of Global Education as part of SU’s internationalisation strategy, including the activities of the Working Group on Global Education (WGGE);

The Manager oversees processes for the development of the internationalisation of the curriculum and pursues ‘curriculum integration’ with faculties to ease mobility with involvement of other SU support divisions dealing with the in-class and out-of-class experience of students.


The manager oversees the collaboration with academic departments to develop full degree programmes (mainstream) that include a ‘global education’ dimension;

The manager is responsible for developing and manage academic offerings within the Global Education Programme (GEP) for non-degree international students;
The manager oversees the development of the curriculum and programmes for short programmes (tailor-made on demand of the home institution), GE Winter School and GE J-Term.


The manager oversees the development of short courses in collaboration with the FVZS Institute, e.g.: Global Citizenship, Intercultural Communication, and the SU-KU Leuven Think Tank;

The manager manages GEC staff members responsible for Community engagement as a vehicle for social impact and immersive learning;
The manager assists in identifying and overseeing the development of ‘internationalisation at home’ initiatives and activities.

A) Management and execution of non-degree short term international student mobility:

Student exchange programmes with partner institutions (incoming and outgoing) in collaboration with the Centre for Collaboration in Africa and the Centre for Partnerships and Internationalisation Support;

Study Abroad/Free Movers (including the institutional relationship with Study Abroad providers). Identifying new partners and maintaining current agreements;
Affiliate students (non-degree research students);
Short academic programmes for international universities (tailor-made on demand);
Winter & Summer Schools for SU students.

B) The manager oversees the execution of the Student Life and Success programmes:

Welcome and Orientation programmes for an international degree- and non-degree-seeking students;

Adjustment and integration programmes: e.g. ISOS, African Students Board, Buddies.

C) The manager is a member of the SU International Management Team:

The manager oversees the financial management of the various GEC programmes through the GEC financial officer in collaboration with the SU International Office Manager. This includes oversight of the budgets and implementing measures to ensure financial sustainability;

The manager is responsible for GEC human resource matters;
In collaboration with the office of Senior Director, the manager hosts international delegations to SU.

A postgraduate qualification on Master’s level;

Good knowledge and understanding of internationalisation of higher education with special reference to the integration of a global education dimension into the student experience;
Knowledge and insight into higher education in a national and international context;
Seven to eight years’ work experience in international higher education;
Experience of working in and leading a diverse team to achieve goals and deliver a project on time;
Strong management, administrative and organisational skills and experience;
Financial planning and staff development interventions;
Sound negotiation and interpersonal skills;
Ability to plan strategically and creatively;
Strong written and verbal communication skills;
Good analytical and report writing skills;
Relationship builder;
High level of Intercultural awareness;
Ability to cope with and willingness to travel abroad;
Highly developed capacity to work as a team member across broad multi-cultural and multi-national networks;
Must be competent to professionally engage with senior officials from Universities and organisations.

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