Home Entertainment 7de Laan actress Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela hits back at body shamers

7de Laan actress Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela hits back at body shamers

Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela

7de Laan actress Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela is not moved by body shamers and dished them a serving so hot it’ll make their tongues burn. Having a lot of things on her mind, Nobuhle took to Instagram and shared that with the career path that she chose she was grateful for the love and support she got from her fans. Their motivation gives me that krag to continue going,” she said. However she recently went through a hectic incident.

Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela

“This past weekend, I was making a public appearance and so this gentleman comes up to me and like … He doesn’t greet me back. He just goes,’ ja you know, I mean you look very fat on TV. I mean, you’re not so fat now but you look really fat on TV.’” Shocked and surprised by the person’s lack of sensitivity, the star tried to disregard the man’s comment.

Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela

“I’m doing great, how are you? Me and my fatness are doing great. We travelled all the way from Joburg to come to your town to meet you for you to remind me that I’m fat?”Nobuhle then added that there was a time when being told she was fat used to bother her but wanted people to know that it was no longer an insult.

Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela

“Like, it doesn’t break me or take anything away from me. Yes, I have a lot of body on me. Guess what? I’m still dope like that. I’m still doing things I want to do and I’m not going to let you tell me because I’m fat I should be ashamed of it.

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