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Are we in control of ourselves?

One challenge we face stands out way above the rest. I know we as humans have much to work on in every area of life and each person, I meet has their own particular area they believe we should focus on. Humour me for 2 minutes and read the rest of this article, please. 

The one challenge we have is to realise we are in control. We are in control of our beliefs, our thoughts, our choices, our actions and therefore our lives.

We do not control nature, but we influence it sufficiently to give licence to the term control.  Every fibre of life we control. 

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Our challenge is not our ability to control, our challenge is realising we are in control. 

I talk to thousands of people each year that feel life is taking them on an unwanted path, or often they would say “I lost myself”. Our addiction to instant gratification in all its form is a clear sign of our “loss of control”. 

We are at the top of the food chain. Our level of scientific and technological development proves we are like demigods on earth. Yet, we have fears, anxiety, and depression in oversupply. 

There are only 2 choices in life: We chose to be influenced or we choose to take control. 

The verb, TAKE, is the secret. As people we need to make a choice to TAKE control and the ACT on the choice. Not a choice to control others, just ourselves. 

The challenge is, when we make the choice, we take on accountability at the same time. As soon as one chooses to take control, we take responsibility and accountability with it.  

We fear accountability and responsibility. We perceive it as a negative “load”. The truth is that with it we also receive the rewards, pleasures and abundance that is packaged together. 

We should never really ask the question “are you ready to take control and the responsibility?”, we should frame the question “are you ready to not be influenced and reap the rewards?”. 

A subtle shift in the approach we take can bring great change and improvement. Every area of your life that creates fear, also has rewards. The moment we decide to focus on the reward and the benefits of ANY choice or action, in that single moment, we take control, and we open the gates of rewards to flood our lives. 

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