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This is how Exercise can calm anxiety

calm anxiety

Many people who take part in regular physical activity will have experienced the calming effect of exercise but some new research is starting to uncover exactly what happens.

Studies have shown that physical exercise creates excitable neurons. But exercise has also been found to reduce anxiety in both people and animals. So how can an activity simultaneously create excitable brain cells and leave people feeling calm?

calm anxiety

Researchers at Princeton University found that during exercise a number of new neurons specifically designed to release a neurotransmitter which inhibits brain activity were created. This means in a minor stressful situation these calming agents were found to have been activated in large numbers and keeping the excitable cells under control and keeping unnecessary anxiety at bay.

So if you find you are getting worried and stressed during your revision take some time out to do some exercise and clam your excitable neurons down. You can come to the gym, do a fitness class or even just go out for a quick run. Then back to your revision with a calm and focused mind.

Fitness and yoga classes are a great way to take a quick break from revision and stay fit. They take place on campus at the Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre.

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