Attempted hijacking of a truck carrying high-value goods

Attempted hijacking of a truck carrying high-value goods. Mzansi is turning into a dangerous country each and every passing day. We know crimes happen but the rate at which they have been going on recently is very alarming.

Recently a prison truck carrying inmates from a jail cell to court was attacked and inmates escaped. It all happened in a movie-style way and to date, some of the prisoners have not been found.

Another truck carrying important goods escaped an attempted hijacking thanks to the driving skills and bravery of the driver. Check the video below

Source – News365

In other news – Again! Shona Ferguson exposed

From working together to spending time together and showering each other with expensive gifts, we can’t help but love the Fergusons. It’s also hard to miss the couple goals that he’s always serving with his wife, Connie, and it’s been 20 years.

Shona Ferguson

It then came as a shock when Vatiswa Ndara wrote a long letter exposing the unfair treatment that he had received from Ferguson Films, Learn More.

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