Young Thug Raps About Snitching On Jonesboro Leading To Fans Thinking He Is Talkin About Gunna

Young Thug fans seem to think the rapper’s reference to snitching on his new song “Jonesboro” may be a thinly-veiled diss toward Gunna. The track lives on Thugger’s surprise new album Business Is Business, released on Friday (June 23). It’s to be noted that the songs were likely recorded before he was arrested in May 2022, when there were no snitching allegations against Gunna to be had.

Young Thug

“Y’all n-ggas just a bunch of dykes, fucking n-ggas/N-ggas told and he was my homie/I can’t miss him/Ain’t nobody feels him,” Young Thug raps.

Opinions over it being a sub were divided. “Question is this the only shot at Gunna? This can’t be the only shot..” one fan wrote, while another said, “So y’all are saying Young Thug escaped prison to record a Gunna sub and then sneaked back in?”

Listen to “Jonesboro” below.

Gunna has been batting off snitch claims ever since he pleaded out in the ongoing YSL RICO case in December, seven months after being arrested. The “Drip Too Hard” rapper even recently assured fans he didn’t rat on his new album, A Gift & A Curse – which was notably still released via Thug’s YSL label.

Various songs on the new album find Gunna addressing the “snitch” allegations head-on. On the track “I Was Just Thinking,” he opens up about crying over Young Thug’s situation and the “lies” people are saying about him.

Young Thug

“That’s four walls talkin’ to you, tellin’ you you gone/ Only I done criеd, ’cause this feelin’ for my bro (King Slime)/ And you know my mind, you did watched that n-gga grow/ I know you hear the lies, it’s your lil’ brother, my folk/ Yeah, I had popped out, but don’t let ’em say I told,” he raps.

On “Rodeo Dr,” he also claims he’s been approaching those who have called him out for snitching — although it’s not clear exactly who he’s talking about.

“I know you heard I have been pullin’ up pressin’ these n-ggas who claimin’ I ratted/ And been all on the yacht with my muthafuckin’ shirt off, look at it, my whole body tatted,” he spits.

Gunna was handed a five-year suspended sentence with one year already served due to the time he spent behind bars after his May 2022 arrest. He previously denied snitching following his release from jail.

Young Thug

“While I have agreed to always be truthful, I want to make it perfectly clear that I have NOT made any statements, have NOT been interviewed, have NOT cooperated, have NOT agreed to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the case and have absolutely NO intention of being involved in the trial process in any way,” Gunna said upon his release.

“My focus of YSL was entertainment — rap artists who wrote and performed music that exaggerated and ‘glorified’ urban life in the Black community.” Gunna’s legal team later reaffirmed his proclaimed innocence, claiming he’s “never” cooperated with law enforcement.


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