Rhea Ripley Comments On The Four Horsewomen’s WWE Legacy

Rhea Ripley successfully defended her WWE Women’s World Championship to open Wrestlemania 40 this past weekend. After the event, Ripley appeared at WWE’s post-show press conference, and was asked about if the “Four Horsewomen era” is coming to an end now that she has defeated both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at back to back Wrestlemanias.

The Eradicator explained how the Four Horsewomen paved the way for many of the female wrestlers that have achieved success within the company since, and have helped the division reach new heights.

The Four Horsewomen era, it will live on forever, they accomplished so much,” Ripley declared. “They took the women’s division to heights that we could have only dreamt of. They’ve done so much for the business and I have all the respect for every single one of them.

Although Ripley made it clear that the Four Horsewomen have played a major role in her success, she also stated that there is a new era and a shift coming among the women’s roster. Ripley named Bianca Belair as someone who has been achieving the same milestones that she has, and will be part of a new women’s takeover going forward.

“I feel like the way that I’ve been going, Wrestlemania after Wrestlemania, finally knocking off the Horsewomen, same as Bianca Belair she’s been doing the same, we’ve been proving that there is a shift coming and these new women, they are taking over … obviously, Four Horsewomen, they’re amazing at what they do and we don’t want them to leave, but they’re going to have to move over because we’re taking over at the same time.” Ripley has now accomplished going a calendar year as Women’s World Champion with her win against Lynch on Wrestlemania 40 Night 1.

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