#WCW with Somizi’s Beautiful daughter Bahumi Mhlongo

Bahumi Mhlongo made her debut as young Lebo Mathosa on her BET biopic called Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story last week on Wednesday. She warmed the viewer’s hearts with her wit and dance moves while portraying the late Kwaito singer. As the daughter of famous parents Somizi Mhlongo and Palesa Madisakwana, she is slowly building her own name in the entertainment scene. There is more to Bahumi than being the daughter of famous parents, here is why we are crushing on Bahumi.

Bahumi Mhlongo


It was on a dull autumn Sunday afternoon in March that I first got a hunch that Bahumi Mhlongo would play Lebo Mathosa.

Bahumi Mhlongo

The 24-year-old daughter of famous parents Somizi Mhlongo and Palesa Madisakwane was anxiously waiting to audition for the role of a lifetime. I had tried to reassure her that the audition would go well since she was particularly nervous about getting the dance choreography she had rehearsed right.

Bahumi Mhlongo

“I’m a black girl with rhythm, I’m not like, 5, 6, 7, let’s hit it. It takes a lot to do that,” she told me at the time. The feeling I got wasn’t because of her uncanny resemblance to the late firecracker but rather the fire and hunger in her eyes to play the role.


Now six months later, she has landed the role to play the younger Lebo in BET Africa’s much anticipated six-part biopic Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story.

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Mmabatho Montsho

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