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Drama as woman throws Birthday party for her Boyfriend and his other girlfriend shows up

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The lady organised a big party for her guy only for another woman to show up as her lover’s boyfriend during the cake cutting. In the Twitter post, the woman said she discovered later that her boyfriend’s friends knew he was dating both of them but they kept quiet. Although it did hurt, she chose to remain calm and the only way out was drinking herself silly.

Social media has become a place where people openly share their life experiences and trust me some will leave you on the floor. A young lady took to Twitter to share a story in how she decided to organize a surprise on her boyfriend’s birthday only to surprise herself.

So I was planning a birthday party for him at his house. I had already talked to his folks and they were cool with the whole idea but they only wanted his close friends. So I hit up his sister and I’m like “Send me contacts of Mr X’s closest friends”,” she tweeted.

According to the lady, identified as Auntie_Skittles, she asked her lover’s sister to share contacts of his close friends so that she could invite them for the party but was not aware her ‘co-wife’ was part of the team.

The UK-based Kenyan lady said that things got cold when the guy’s dad asked him to cut the cake with his girl and before she could rise, the other girl majestically walked to where the guy was ready for the business of the day.

So you know it had not clicked that I did that until when he was asked to cut the cake the dad said “Si you cut the cake with your girl, she worked so hard to plan this. And everyone was like… Guys … I cannot even make this up. The other girl went and wrapped her arm around his arm and they cut the cake,” she said.

The heartbroken lady discovered that her lover’s friends knew that he was dating the two and they remained quite.

On the other hand, the dude’s sister thought the lady who showed up as the girlfriend was his best friend.

His boys knew he was dating the two of us, they obviously kept quiet about that. His family knew we were dating but the sister thought the other girl was his best friend because she used to come over his a lot. His school mates knew he was dating this other babe,” added Auntie_Skittles.


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