Things you should know about Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie

One of the stars on our steamy New Years calendar in-store, Cedric Fourie, has been a huge talking point among Skeem Saam fans as of late, and that’s mainly because of, Lehasa Maphosa, a shady businessman he plays on the drama-soapie. Apart from his looks and money, a lot of people don’t really like his character, so we took some time to get to know the man behind the persona and from the time spent with him, we realised that he’s nothing like Lehasa.

Cedric Fourie
He’s A Father

Cedric is a father to his two-year-old son whom we often get to see through the actor’s Instagram account. Cedric feels blessed to be a dad; he revealed that through an interview in 2017.

Cedric Fourie

He’s Nothing Like Lehasa Maphosa

He is nothing like character of Lehasa Maphosa. He even said that in his own words “I share a few traits with Lehasa, but not everything! He’s a business man and can be very manipulative to get his way, but I’m not like that”, said the actor.
He Worked As A Network Engineer Before Skeem Saam

Cedric Fourie

Before landing a role on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam Cedric worked as a Network Engineer doing acting part-time, however, television has always been his passion.
The Soweto-born actor might be doing good on local television, but he has aspirations of being a Hollywood superstar. Fourie’s ultimate goal is to feature on big blockbusters, both local and international.

Cedric Fourie

If Cedric isn’t on set shooting or spending time with his family, he spends a lot of hours in the gym maintaining his great built.

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