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There is still hope for World’s fattest teenager

Mihir Jain

Just eight months ago, Mihir Jain (14) weighed 237kg and was too large to even leave his house. According to new.com.au, Mihir was a healthy 2,5kg when he was born in Delhi, India.

But the world’s fattest teenager has fought back with a strict diet and surgery and has worked his way down to 140kg since April. But by the time he was five, things had started to go pear-shaped as he weighed double the average for a child that age – 80kg.

Over the years, his mum and dad, Puja and Rajesh Jain, watched with growing concern as Mihir gained more and more weight. His health deteriorated, and he suffered from diabetes, breathing issues and high blood pressure.

Mihir JainHe was also unable to go to school and his mum had to homeschool him instead.

Mum Puja told Daily Mail: “He was very angry sitting in one place all the time. Every child wants to go here and there and spend time with friends. He was sitting in one place all the time so he was very frustrated.”


His enormous size reached crisis point in 2013 when he needed to see a doctor about surgery for his problem but was too big to get out of his house.

Said Puja: “The doctor said he needed to see him but we couldn’t get Mihir out of the house at the time.” Mihir finally lost enough weight and made it to the doctor in December 2017.

Mihir JainFour months later, Mihir had the gastric bypass operation. He is now well and truly on the path to shaking off his obesity, an impressive 100kg lighter than he was at his peak.

He is even able to walk without assistance these days. Said Mihir: “I feel very good. I cannot believe I have reached this weight. It’s been hard work but it’s worth it.

“I was determined to do what the doctor suggested. And when I lost weight on my own it gave me the determination to keep going.”

Source: Daily Sun

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