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World’s heaviest teen undergoes gastric bypass in India

Mihir Jain

World’s heaviest teen weighing 237 kg undergoes gastric bypass in India. Mihir had been an average-sized baby, but thanks to a diet of fried food and fizzy drinks, he ballooned as he grew up, already weighing a whopping 12.5 stone (176lbs/80kg) aged five. His mother, Puja Jain, 35, said: ‘We first realised he had a problem when he was five and the doctor told us he was obese and needed surgery. But he was too young so he gave him some medicine instead.

Mihir Jain

The world’s fattest child, who weighed more than 37 stone (523lbs/237kg) has begun his road to recovery after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Mihir Jain, 14, from Delhi, India, has lost over ten stone since his surgery in April, and is now 27 stone (379lbs/172kg), and able to walk unaided for the first time in years.

Growing up in a vegetarian family, Mihir’s daily diet would consist of fried potato and vegetable cutlets, rice and vegetable curry, more potatoes, ice cream, full-fat milk, milky coffee and fizzy drinks. Even though Mrs Jain admits that Mihir’s addiction to fried food is the cause of the problem, she believes the medication made the situation worse.

Surgical manoeuvring inside the patient’s body was another difficulty. There were 10-12 inches of fat beneath the patient’s muscles which made operating difficult. Normal instruments aren’t that long or easy to manoeuvre so the doctors said they used longer instruments to reach the target area.

In a procedure lasting nearly two-and-a-half hours, doctors created a gastric bypass in which the digestive system is re-routed past most of the stomach which makes a person feel full on less food. “The surgery was uneventful and we were able to discharge Mihir within a week. He comes to the hospital for a follow-up though. Also, he has been asked to continue the restrictive diet,” Dr Chowbey said. Mihir’s mother said they’ve learnt a lesson from their crisis about the need to be physically active and avoid junk food. “Now I tell my daughter, Nandini, to eat wisely,” she said.

Source: Dailymail