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Beware of thugs this Festive Season


Beware of thugs this Festive Season. For thugs, it’s a time to target unsuspecting, vulnerable people and businesses. The festive season is time for family, shopping and vacations.

Retail cash crime remains high on thugs’ agendas, particularly at this time of the year when cash volumes increase. This is according to Cash Connect, a provider of automated cash management and payment solutions. It helps retailers operate in a safe, secure environment.

Richard Phillips, joint CEO of the company, said: “The December holiday period is a peak trading season for the country’s retail sector, with a significant rise in cash volumes and a corresponding increase in retail cash crimes such as armed robberies, burglaries and cash-in-transit heists.”

RobbersPhillips said extended trading hours during the festive season were helpful for consumers but naturally increased the opportunity for crime to spike.

He said central business districts and coastal towns are the most high-risk areas. He shared the following tips with retailers:

  • Keep cash at points of sale to a minimum by regularly depositing into a secure cash deposit device.
  • Share protection strategies with the staff – thugs will soon find out the target has been hardened and move on to easier and softer opportunities.
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and people lurking in the area and tip off the police.
  • Be wary of anyone wanting to know about banking habits, cash-in-transit providers, or collection times.
  • Consider closing shop for a few minutes before and during cash collections.
  • Assist the cash collection team by being prepared. This keeps the collection service time window short, sharp and safe.
  • Ensure your CCTV systems are serviced and operational to get clear pictures of suspects for the police’s investigations.

Source: Daily Sun