Video: Looting Spiderwoman escapes police at Shoprite

When trouble arises adrenaline pushes people to go to the extremes. A woman has been labeled as Spiderwoman after she escaped from the police at Shoprite in a way no one imagined. Looting is a serious crime and is wrong at many levels. After seeing that they are trapped by the police the lady walks on the edge of the wall looking for a way out of the situation.

Spectators watching from a distance a worried for the woman’s safety as she moves on a edge way above the ground. She then finds a street light nearby which she jumps to. People are more frightened by the jump to the pole taken by this woman. At this time she has no shoes and she does not care if people see her under garments.

The Spiderwoman is determined to escape the police because she knows the consequences of looting are extreme. This woman then slides down the pole and reaches the ground in one piece. Many are relieved as they see her land on the ground. For a moment those watching forget people were looting.

A lot has happened in South Africa since the former president Jacob Zuma was arrested. Free Zuma protests have resulted in looting and destruction of property. Many malls and buildings have been burnt down during this time. Ultimatums have been given by Zuma supporters but nothing has changed. Instead the violence continues and more damage is being done.

Jacob Zuma was sentenced to 15 months in prison after he failed to attend the commission of enquiry about corruption allegations during his tenure as president. His sons have passed many threats and have said they will expose other leaders but nothing has been said.


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