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MLW wrestler Richard Holliday Talks About His Health After Beating Cancer

Former MLW World Tag Team Champion Richard Holliday was recently interviewed on the Under The Ring podcast. Scroll down to listen to the entire interview. Holliday talked about how he feels after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2022:

“I feel great. Probably the best I’ve ever felt. To be honest, I feel rejuvenated. I feel like my body’s working again, like maybe even better than prior to everything. I’m in such an amazing physical mental space right now. I definitely look at life and my career and how appreciative I am for both much differently now. So definitely a different outlook, but it’s a good one
Holliday on how it felt to get back in the ring:

“It’s a euphoric feeling. Every time I go in there now, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do so and do my craft and do what I truly believe I was meant to do on this earth, and I do feel like there’s a purpose behind my work now, and it’s what I can do from an inspiration level and I think it could be indirect inspiration. Like, I don’t think I need to go out there and wear it on my chest every single time I go out there of what I went through, but I think if somebody were to find out and then they see me what I’m doing, and they’re like, whoa, I didn’t know that. I think that’s a really powerful message that can be given. On being part of The Dynasty with MJF and Alexander Hammerstone in MLW

“In a way that’s kind of tough to describe like, you would never think that us three would get in there and mesh the way that we did. You would think that it would be some semblance of oil and water, but it was just three dudes who just knew what this was and how fun it could be and we’ve made the absolute most of it and probably made some of the most memories in MLW history. I think we’re still to this day probably one of the most talked about entities that has ever been part of that show. I’m super proud of them. He’s on top of the world right now and he’s doing great. He is dedicated to this and being the best and he shows that every time he goes out there.

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In other news – Big trouble for Edwin Sodi after photos of his lavish 50th birthday celebration cause a stir

On Sunday, controversial businessman Edwin Sodi celebrated his 50th birthday, and images of a lavish luxury multi-million rand property have gone viral on social media.

Edwin Sodi

The tycoon’s birthday was attended by his girlfriend Nokukhanya Zulu, media personality Babalwa Mneno and a few other Mzansi personalities, such as Bobby Blanco. Read more