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Ex-WWE Star Shelton Benjamin Provides Update on Future Plans

With 2024 now well into April, most of the wrestlers released by WWE in September 2023 have found something to do, with Nic Nemeth perhaps being the most successful between joining TNA and winning the IWGP Global and AAA Mega Championships. One of the few releases who has been relatively quiet, however, is Shelton Benjamin, with the long-time veteran only entering the ring twice since his WWE release, all while remaining a free agent.

As it turns out, it’s all part of the plan for Benjamin. During an interview with “WhatCulture Wrestling’s” Simon Miller, Benjamin was asked about what his next move in wrestling would be and revealed he was taking things slow regarding finding a new promotion to call home.

“My immediate plan is just to coast a bit and see what’s out there, see what life has to offer,” Benjamin said. “Because for seven years, I was with WWE, and…I had a ten-year run with them before that. So for now, I’m not in any rush. I’m keeping my options open. I can’t say anybody’s any more of a front-runner than anything, but I definitely want to come back to the UK. As a matter of fact, I’m going to be going back to Australia, where I’m going to be involved in an event out there.

Despite Benjamin’s free agent status, he had been tied to AEW back in March, when reports emerged that the former Intercontinental Champion had conversations with AEW about joining the promotion. It’s unclear if the talks between the two sides are still ongoing, or if Benjamin and AEW were unable to come to terms.

Source: wrestlinginc

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