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AEW Commentator Jim Ross Provides Health Update

While Jim Ross has been with AEW since the doors first opened in 2019, it hasn’t always been an easy tenure for the Hall of Famer, largely due to his health. Though Ross was a consistent presence on AEW commentary through 2022, even continuing to work as he received skin cancer treatment on his foot, he has been seen less and less at the desk over the past few years, largely thanks to recovery from a fall in 2023, and due to surgery earlier this year to remove cancer on his right hip.

Fortunately for Ross, he may finally be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel regarding his health. Speaking with “Sports Illustrated,” Ross noted that he was feeling the best he had been feeling in some time and appears energized to continue calling matches for AEW in the future.

“My health is better than it’s been in over a year, I’m happy to say,” Ross said. “My right hip, that’s healing and getting better. My radiation wound from skin cancer…and I’m cancer-free…is still healing. Vaping has helped. It’s allowed me to stop taking pain medication and get me through the night. I’m feeling good. And I’m still doing what I love.”

Though he has still not returned to AEW commentary full-time, Ross was on hand for AEW Revolution in March, calling Sting’s final match, and AEW Dynasty in April, where he called the opening bout between Kazuchika Okada and Pac, and the main event between Swerve Strickland and Samoa Joe.

Ross also signed a new contract extension with AEW shortly after Revolution, keeping him with the promotion for at least one more year.

Source: wrestlinginc

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