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The Von Erichs Want to Face Brothers Cody & Dustin Rhodes in Tag Match

It’s extremely common in wrestling for brothers to make the best tag teams. The Hardy Boyz are one of the most popular duos of all time, The Briscoes are cited as one of the greatest tag teams of their generation, and without a team like The Young Bucks, wrestling might not look the way it does today.

However, two men who not only want to cement themselves among the best tag teams in the world, but also do their family name justice are Marshall and Ross Von Erich, the sons of the legendary Kevin Von Erich.

The Von Erichs recently began their own podcast, where Marshall in particular cited Cody and Dustin Rhodes’ match from AEW Double or Nothing 2019 as one of the best matches he’s ever seen.

Not only that, but he also cited the Rhodes brothers as a team he and his own brother need to wrestle at some point. “That was good stuff. That was a tag team that Ross and I really, we want to do that before we retire. Who knows? Anything can happen, but that’s got to happen, the Von Erichs vs. The Rhodes. We’ve gotta do it.”

Marshall also used the current Undisputed WWE Champion as an example of someone who doesn’t need to do a lot of flips and tricks to get by, celebrating the much more traditional style of wrestling that he and Ross execute in their matches. “People like the flips and the cartwheels, and it’s super impressive.

But it’s weird. I’ve noticed that top guys at every company always kind of fall back into that older-school style, just classic professional wrestling. Roman Reigns, you don’t see him doing cartwheels and back handsprings. You don’t see Cody Rhodes doing that, even though I’ve seen Cody Rhodes do a backflip off a cage and it was unbelievably high

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