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Ntsiki Mazwai slams silent guests who were at Enhle Mbali’s birthday party where Black Coffee beat her up

Activist Ntsiki Mazwai has slammed all the men and women who knew about Enhle Mbali‘s abuse but kept quiet about it. The poet specifically targeted all the guests who were in attendance at her 33rd birthday party and saw what transpired between the two former lovers, but chose to ignore it.

In a Twitter rant, Ntsiki calls Black Coffee a vile human being for abusing Enhle Mbali and she held nothing back. The poet who is always vocal about issues surrounding gender-based violence, Africanism, and masculinity came guns blazing at the DJ and his affiliation with other known abusers such as Euphonik. She claims that abuse within the DJ circle is common and should never be ignored.

Enhle Mbali has filed for a protection order against her ex-husband claiming to be scared of him as he storms in at their house at any given time. In her statement, she claimed the DJ hit her hand when she restricted him from entering the house and disturbing her dinner party.

“Nathi asked me why I was throwing a dinner without his permission. I then asked why I needed his permission, and he said because it’s his house. I then told him it’s our home and am puzzled, he then threatened to call the cops to shut it down. He was at this point shouting…and the guests that had already arrived where watching.”

This piece of information threw Ntsiki off and called out all the attendees for ignoring Enhle’s abuse and continued as though nothing happened.

“Shout out to all the guests at the birthday party who witnessed but are too cowardly to stand with Enhle… Out here hoping grootmans will give them a stipend.”

“People in their circles will tell you that a slap was breakfast for this girl… A very normal everyday thing.”

The poet then spoke about how people worship Black Coffee knowing that he is very abusive towards his ex-wife. The person she was referring to was a woman who knew about the abuse when it started but ignore it.

“Damn. I remember when someone close to me said. ‘I hang out with Nathi. He is so fucked up to his wife. But we cool.’ and I could see how proud she was that she is hanging out with a celeb. And how she didn’t give a fuck about another woman’s pain as long as she was VIP.

“How low your self esteem gotta be to seek validation from a vile human being who is violent?

Pearl Thusi also got called out also when she mocked Bonang’s abuse story and refered to herself as ‘Hlanyo’.

“We need to address the women who hate other women. Who gang up with men to abuse women. The women who wanna be in the male cool group and throw women under the bus. Let’s talk about that Pearl Thusi kinda energy. Many women do that thing….. Why?? How unfortunate that your brand is always attached to rapists and abusers and you Laughing Out Loud.”


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