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About DJ Black Coffee: New bae, life after Enhle Mbali, booking fee, scandals, family, marriage, Net Worth

Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo is an award-winning DJ and record producer. He could arguably hold the title the biggest DJ in Africa.

Even though he has been in the music industry since 1995, his career launched to international levels through the Red Bull Music Academy in 2003, and is known for his deep, soulful house music compilations.

Being one of the world’s renowned DJs who’s made a name for himself, he does not come cheap. From hosting gigs locally to travelling to places like Milan, DJ Black Coffee seeks to maintain a certain standard about him. HE’S EXPENSIVE.

With that said, the DJ just released his booking fee to the public. Let’s just say, we couldn’t find a calculator to punch in all those numbers. See how much one will have to fork out if they want to hire the DJ. He’s charging in US dollars.

This is his biography.

Black Coffee New Bae?

While on tour Greece and a Twitter exchange between him and former “Love Island” contestant Alexandra Cane definitely sparked some rumours that the two could be together.

Apparently, Alexander tweeted a picture of herself and in the caption, she tagged the DJ.

Were they dating or were they just friends?

Black Coffee Taxman

Internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee, hogged the headlines again, and this time around it was not about his ugly divorce with his ex-wife Enhle Maphumulo or him going for a gig.

According to a local publication, the DJ got dragged by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) to court, in regards to an exorbitant amount of money that he owes to the taxman.

The paper reports that Black Coffee owes SARS R40 Million for being in arrears income tax, but negotiated to pay R8 million after he made a representation on his present financial position and inability to comply with the R40 million assessment.

The DJ is also set to sell some of his properties to pay for his debt.

Black Coffee GBV March

Black Coffee and along with many South Africans were fed up with the senseless killings of women and girls at the hands of men. With this, the DJ decided to organize a march that will shine the light on the atrocities.

Many people commended the action that the DJ was taking, however, it seems not everyone was in agreement.

Black Coffee was feeling discouraged after the negative reception his organized march received from the public.

The DJ even deleted his social media post where he announced the march was going to be taking place at 9 AM, 150 Commissioner Street, Soweto. Most of the negative comments are under his social media post.

Black Coffee’s initiative was overshadowed by his messy public divorce with Enhle Mbali, with women and men labelling him an abuser for the treatment towards his ex-wife.

There was also a woman by the name of Bonnie who claimed to have been abused by a member of Black Coffee’s camp and alleges that the DJ knew about it and did nothing.

With this, many started labelling him as an enabler.

However, Black Coffee directly responded to the negativity and reacted with a quote “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

Black Coffee Scandals

Amongst his cheating scandals, Black Coffee was called out for performing in Tel Aviv. In early 2018 he filmed his set and people weren’t happy when he said ‘he loved it’ meanwhile his performance took place in a country under oppressive law and killings. Black Coffee simply brushed off the criticism, saying he is a free man and not affiliated with any political party.

Black Coffee also set Twitter alight when a video of him slapping AKA’s road manager Tshiamo Letswene at the IRock Festival in 2016 surfaced. Although Black Coffee said there was no initial beef between him and AKA, a face-off was scheduled at Kong nightclub a year.

As if that was not enough, an Instagram user by the handle, @mimi_buthelezi shared an eyebrow-raising post on her Instagram page in which she released a snippet of what went down in her DM’s with, DJ Black Coffee.

Black Coffee gossip

All this started to come out when it was alleged that DJ Black Coffee had a side chick, but he had actually paid her not to say anything about their relationship.

Other strong allegations were levelled against the well-accomplished Black Coffee, including fathering two babies who are just over 12 months old, all whilst still married to Enhle Mbali.

Black Coffee’s Life After Enhle

2019 saw DJ Black Coffee’s marriage with Enhle Maphumulo come to an end, something that many did not see coming. At the time the DJ asked the public if he and his family could be given the privacy they deserved. Now the DJ is finally speaking out on how life has been after his divorce.

In an interview on Insta live with Scoop Makhathini, the DJ shared an endearing story of how he has enjoyed life being a father to his son. As someone who’s always been a winner, he felt he had failed when he divorced Enhle.

The Dj is taking the time to reevaluate everything that happened and acknowledge his part in the failure of his marriage.

Black Coffee’s Booking Fee

He’s built more than a reputation for himself and today he’s become one of the renowned DJs not only locally or regionally, but internationally as well.

Well, let’s just start with the wedding that took the world by storm and earned itself a place in the history books. DJ Black Coffee got to play his music at #Somhale’s Union and Somizi just revealed how much they could not afford to have him play at their white wedding,

“Then Black Coffee happened…best surprise ever. To get Black Coffee is a dream come true for us. We love him. He was part of our dream list, but hey, $100k… we don’t have it,” he said.

So if you are planning to have the DJ play his set at your wedding, make sure your pocket is deep enough.

The DJ has put out a profound manifestation to the universe – homie’s plannin’ on making a billion during this decade together with his industry mate, Euphonik.

The fruits of his labour have previously resulted in solid investments, flying in private jets, and owning properties around the world, and now it seems Black Coffee is readying to step into the billion rand lane.

Perhaps this justifies why the DJ does not come cheap at all.

Black Coffee’s Family

Black Coffee is 44 and was born on 11 March 1976 in Umlazi in Durban. He later moved to Umtata in the Eastern Cape at the age of 12 after his parent’s divorced.

He grew up listening to his uncle’s reggae collection. In a tragic turn of events, he lost the use of his left arm at age 14, after he was run down by a taxi. This was believed to be a politically motivated attack in a rally that was celebrating the release of Nelson Mandela.

Black Coffee’s Home Brewed Sessions

Black Coffee has been very active in the fight against coronavirus is the country. He has dedicated his weekends to raising funds for the solidarity fund set aside to combat the virus.

The DJ revealed through a promotional poster for his Home Brewed sessions, that to further raise funds to fight this pandemic he will join forces with TV presenter Mrs. Jones and Jaguar South Africa. The funds will be donated to the Red Cross South Africa for their COVID-19 #FeedingSATogether initiative.

The DJ joins other Mzansi celebs, like Nomzamo Mbatha, Minnie, Bonang, Somizi and Mohale that have taken the time to help those that are less fortunate during such difficult times.

Black Coffee Education

Black Coffee returned to Durban to study music theory at what’s now called the Durban University of Technology. He majored in Jazz but didn’t complete his studies as he dropped out to join the group SHANA (Simply Hot and Naturally African).

In 2019 Black Coffee expressed a desire to return to school and pursue his studies in interior design.

Black Coffee Marriage

Black Coffee and Mbali Enhle Mlotshwa got engaged in 2010 after three months of dating. The couple tied the knot in a traditional ceremony a year later. They had an extravagant white wedding in 2017, and later Enhle was lauded when she dressed up in her wedding gown for a red-carpet event.


Their marriage was plagued by scandal, with a mistress coming out in 2013 and Mbali warning women to stay away from her man’s DMs.

Earlier in 2019 Black Coffee was rumoured to be in a relationship with David Guetta’s ex-wife Cathy Guetta, but he quickly disputed the claims. Enhle even posted an Instagram video of her and Cathy having fun together after these rumours surfaced.

By late 2019, Enhle came out asking for privacy as the couple decided to proceed with divorce. The couple, who have travelled the world together, have two sons together. Black Coffee also has two children with his ex-wife.

Black Coffee’s Career

Black Coffee’s music career skyrocketed in recent years, with some of his most popular tracks including the remake of legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela’ss hit song Stimela, Izizwe featuring Busi Mhlongo, Superman featuring Bucie.

This song featured on his Home Brewed album, and We Dance Again featuring a South African icon in the making, Nakhane Toure. This popular song even had its own dance challenge.

In 2007 Black Coffee released his second album Have Another One, which featured a remix of Victor Ntoni’s Wathula Nje which was also released in Europe. It also introduced 17-year-old Culoe De Song who was signed up to Black Coffee’s record label, Soulistic Music. He also participated in the Red Bull Music Academy Lounge at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona alongside Osunlade, Little Louie Vega, and Charles Webster.

Black Coffee has worked with some of the world’s biggest music stars, including David Guetta on the song Drive which was nominated for the South African Music Award for Record of the Year. In his 2019 single Lalala, Black Coffee features American RnB and pop singer Usher Raymond.

Black Coffee’s career has been recognised with awards for Best Urban Dance Album and Best Male Artist at the South African Music Awards 2010.

A year later he launched Africa Rising in front of an 8 000 strong audience with a live band and 24-piece orchestra which was filmed for the Africa Rising DVD.

In 2012 the Africa Rising DVD and triple-CD went double platinum in a month. From there he performed around the world at different music festivals and his name was on everyone’s lips. In 2015, Black Coffee released Pieces of Me. He also worked with Drake on the track Get It Together. At the end of 2018 he released the EP Music is King.

Black Coffee Is A Record Holder

Black Coffee holds the Guinness World Record for longest-ever DJ set, when he played a music set for an incredible 60 hours. Non-stop! This took place at Maponya Mall in Soweto in 2010.

Black Coffee Net Worth

Black Coffee is said to be worth $60 million. He owns a fleet of luxury and flashy cars, including a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, a Mercedes CLK, and a Maserati. He also owns a jet.

He also owns a house in Los Angeles, and his family home in Johannesburg.


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Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali

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