Mzansi in love with Amanda Du Pont’s new friend

Amanda Du Pont met a stranger with whom she had a real and awesome connection – She was so happy about the meeting that she shared the experience with her fans – They were very happy for Amanda and made it clear in her comment section.

Amanda du-Pont
Amanda Du Pont often shares her personal experiences with her fans and did so after she made a new friend. For Amanda, meeting Nicola Chemaly, a model and photographer, was the kind of thing that happens only once in a lifetime. She shared the meeting with her fans, gushing about the moment she and Nicola ‘clicked’.

Amanda du-Pont

Love at first Tat Just met @nicola_chemaly I told her I love her tats, and she said she loved my hair! Ever met a stranger that you just clicked with?

In other news – Interesting Daddy-daughter moments of TK Dlamini & his daughter, Namisa

Being a first-time parent is a beautiful experience and our faves are always giving us glimpses of their journeys into uncharted waters. One first time parent that has taken to his role with enthusiasm is TK Dlamini.

TK Dlamini

Ntokozo clearly can’t get enough of his daughter, Namisa. We completely understand, baby Namisa is one of the cutest babies in Mzansi celebs’ children and daddy wants to spend as much time as he can with her. Read more

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