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Is TK Dlamini back together with Jessica Nkosi?

It was less than two months ago when Jessica Nkosi exposed her baby daddy TK Dlamini for being unfaithful towards her.

She had gone as far as telling the woman he was allegedly cheating with to take him as she didn’t want him anymore.

In an interesting turn of events, the two seem to have worked out their differences.

At first we chalked it up to coincidence that Jessica and TK were watching the Rugby World Cup from the same TV. If you look closely the TV type and make is identical and so is the wall on which the TV was mounted. Who knows how this co-parenting stuff works for them.

TK And Jessica

The final clue to the puzzle was when TK posted a video on his Instagram stories of him and Jessica having the time of their lives at AKA’s #AKAOrchestraEthekwini in Durban.

TK And Jessica

As usual Twitter had something to say.

Jessica’s bestie DJ Zinhle also got caught in the middle with tweeps claiming that because the DJ also got back together with AKA after he had cheated, she has some how influenced Jessica into taking TK back.

Even if no one knows the full story, it is clear that we as a country should just learn to stay hydrated, take our L and keep it moving.

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Zodwa Wabantu is not just the queen of vosho but also a loving and responsible mother. The entertainer is investing a lot of money in her son’s education and took to Instagram recently to post a video of her encouraging her son to keep making her proud.

Zodwa Wabantu

In the video she advises her son to not underestimate the value of education and added that he is the reason she wakes up every day to work. Do you lack anything?” Zodwa asked? Her son replied no. continue reading

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