Refilwe Modiselle shines bright in a new film about albinism

The trailer for Refilwe Modiselle‘s new international short film is finally out – The film is centred around the trials and tribulations that people with albinism go through – Modiselle plays the lead role of Mansa.

Refilwe Modiselle
Refilwe Modiselle made a power move and featured in an international short film this year. The trailer for the movie, which is centred around struggles of albinism, is out and it looks amazing. The movie is called ‘White Gold’ and Modiselle plays the lead role of Mansa.

In other news – Interesting Daddy-daughter moments of TK Dlamini & his daughter, Namisa

Being a first-time parent is a beautiful experience and our faves are always giving us glimpses of their journeys into uncharted waters. One first time parent that has taken to his role with enthusiasm is TK Dlamini.

TK Dlamini

Ntokozo clearly can’t get enough of his daughter, Namisa. We completely understand, baby Namisa is one of the cutest babies in Mzansi celebs’ children and daddy wants to spend as much time as he can with her. Read more

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