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Mr and Mrs Ndaba’s marriage is indeed a true reflection of pure and unconditional love #ourperfectwedding

Mpumi and Andrew

Mpumi Martha Mthembu (34) met Andrew Mpande Ndaba (38) when they were both quite young. “We met on the road,” says Mpumi. “We were both on our way to school because we were both young back then. We used to see each other on our way to school.” Andrew says: “What attracted me to her was the way she presented herself. She is not a busy body. Every time I saw her, I would go weak at the knees and my heart would pound so hard.” Hearing this, she laughs warmly. But one day I found the courage to approach her. That was on the fifth of October. That’s when the relationship started.

Mpumi says she was happy because she didn’t fall pregnant while she was still in school. “I fell pregnant just before I finished matric. I didn’t plan to have a child before I was financially stable. But the deed was done. When I told him that I was pregnant, his family supported me. She loves that he isn’t a drinker nor a smoker. “He loves the Lord. When it is time to go to church, we all go to church. He’s a responsible father. He does everything we ask.” He says she understands him. “I was once retrenched from my job but she stayed with me, I love that about her. If she had left then I would have known that she was not the one for me.

Mpumi and Andrew

Andrew says he doesn’t like it when she shouts but Mpumi says she doesn’t do it intentionally. “He is the type of person who wants peace and quiet at home. So when he is there, the children must know he is at home and they must be quiet and that’s impossible with four children. He can’t expect then to be on their best behaviour all the time. When he’s home, everyone must know, daddy’s home. I don’t like that about him.” She says he doesn’t like it when he doesn’t help with chores in the house. “Sometimes I’ll ask him to do something for me, like change a light bulb, he won’t do it until he feels like it. He’s harsh, and he wants things done his way. I am aware that I can be loud when we don’t see eye-to-eye.” Their other challenge has been financial stresses because they have four children and he didn’t have a job.

Mpumi and Andrew

On the fifth of October last year, he told me he wants to marry me,” she says. “I asked him how would we manage to pay for a wedding when he was unemployed and we didn’t have money. His answer was [that] God is faithful. He said as soon as he found a job, even if it meant going to bed on an empty stomach, he would marry me.

Andrew says: “When you’re adamant about doing something, you will succeed. If you set the date and you persist, you will succeed. If you’re not specific about the date, then you will not get married because you aren’t sure. I chose the fifth of October because that was the day our relationship began and also our eldest was born on the fifth of October and now the fifth of October will be our wedding day.

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