Skeem Saam’s Meneer Magongwa got viewers talking

Meneer Magongwa is the new principal of Turf High on Skeem Saam. But truth be told, Manaka or Evelyn would have been the better choice.

Magongwa is too emotional and takes everything personally. Only time will tell if he will prove the naysayers wrong.

Meanwhile, Clement and Oritonda were beaten up for being gay. And his aunt, Pretty, was right to call for cops to lock their attackers up and throw away the keys. What gives them the right to moer people for following their hearts?

Meneer Magongwa

On House of Zwide, Isaac’s daughter Ona, who recently found out that he stole her at birth, kicked him out of his own house. Then she allowed him to stay after he was shot when a heist went wrong.

Ona should have been the one asking him if she could continue to live in his house – not the other away around.

She also went on to tell her friend Sandile, who is homeless, that he could live with her boyfriend Soka as he has room.

She didn’t bother asking Soka if he would be okay with it. Who does she think she is?

Sphe’s life has been turned upside down on Generations: The Legacy.

This after Kabisi found video footage of her and Philani Magwaza with the body of serial killer Winston, whom she killed.

Kabisi is now using it to blackmail Sphe’s uncle Mr Cele into giving up his shares at Ezweni. The best way to deal with a blackmailer is to confess as they’ll never stop until they’ve milked their victims dry.

Though confessing might end in jail time, it might be the only way to put an end to this.

-daily sun

In other news – Prayers pour in for Gogo Maweni

Mzansi reality TV star and sangoma Gogo Maweni is reportedly recovering from surgery performed on her sinuses this week, this is according to TshisaLIVE. Gogo Maweni told the news outlet that because her condition had grown more severe over the years, she had to undergo surgery.

Gogo Maweni

“It was for nose reconstruction. I was fixing my nose. I went for the operation because I was suffering from very severe sinusitis, Learn More