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How the life of actress Shoki (Shalate Sekhabi) from House of Zwide has changed in just a year

In just a matter of a year, actress Shalate Sekhabi’s life has changed, and she has become one of TV’s favourite faces.

The 22-year-old from Pretoria East is on’s most watched show, House of Zwide as Shoki.

She spoke to SunBuzz about how things have changed for her in a short space of time.

Shalate Sekhabi

“The past year has been a roller coaster. It’s been interesting, fun and there’s a lot of growth as an actress and just as a person in the industry. I was balancing work with school, and I still am.

I’m doing my honours now, so it’s been hectic. But it’s been really good. It’s been a dream come true,” she said.

However, while Shalate is only blowing up now, she has been acting from a young age because her father, Aubrey Sekhabi, is also in the entertainment industry. Aubrey is the artistic director at the State Theatre in Tshwane.

“My love of acting started when I was 12. This was after my dad got me a role small role in a short film. Although my character was shorter, I enjoyed it and realized that I wanted to do more.

That same year, I was in another film and there I had a longer role and that’s when I really got into it,” she said.

Shalate Sekhabi

House of Zwide’s second season started last week and Shalate said viewers should brace themselves for a lot of drama.

“Viewers can expect a lot of drama as people will be paying for their sins. There will be a lot of tears and emotions,” she said.

Shalate also shared that she’s an R&B singer and is working on new music.

“I’m working on my EP but I’m still trying to find my sound. I hope I’ll drop it this year,” said Shalate.

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