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Ex-Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi (Charity) who is a Sangoma, issues serious warning – Video

Former Skeem Saam actress Makgofe Moagi is pleading with people who go to rivers to pray and perform rituals, to not leave them dirty.

She said whenever people went to communicate with their ancestors, they should take everything they went with and throw it in a bin because rivers are sacred.

In a video shared on social media, Makgofe, popularly known for her role as Charity on the SABC1 show, said people were sabotaging themselves.

“I’m humbling myself, I’m not fighting. I just want to ask. Who came with this idea that when we go to the river, we leave everything we came with there? We leave bottles, plastics and everything. We are ruining things for ourselves. Tomorrow when they say we must not go to the river because it’s polluted, it will be because of our own doing,” she said.

Makgofe Moagi

Makgofe, who is also a sangoma, said she was taught to clean up after going to the river, hence she was preaching the same thing.

“I was taught that when you go to a river you take all your belongings, find the nearest dustbin and throw what you were using away. You don’t leave them there and pollute the river. This is the same place we go to ask for life and cleanse ourselves, yet we leave it dirty,” said the actress.

She further asked how people expected to get help when they were making their ancestors’ home dirty.

“We need those places. We’re going to have to go back again and again, to ask for our things to go well. But we are the ones who pollute our homes; their homes. What are the owners of the place supposed to say and do? Let’s change the mindset, please. What we’re doing is not okay,” she added.


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