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#TheRiver1Magic: Mabutho got Tumi right in his hands

Mabutho and Tumi

Mabutho, Mabutho, Mabutho! This is one troublesome person. And if Tumi doesn’t catch a wake-up, she’ll soon find herself six feet under. Can’t she see Mabutho is controlling and emotionally manipulative?

Tumi is fragile and could find herself in a compromising space.

Mabutho went ahead and paid lobola for her, and broke Tumi’s marriage with Lindani.

Mabutho and Tumi

Now, only Lindiwe can save her from herself.

Lindani knows that Tumi was the one who killed Mbali and confronted her about it.

Tumi then told Mabutho, who went after Lindani, and a fight ensued and a gun went off.

Both got shot.

Mabutho is obsessed with Tumi, and the cracks are beginning to show and reveal his other unstable side.

Mabutho and TumiOn the other hand, Tumi is definitely her mother’s child and is becoming as ruthless as Lindiwe is.

On The Queen, Noma gives Brutus a hell of a hard time.

Brutus has been rude and mean to her.

In fact, Brutus loves her. The two end up sharing a bed, but Brutus acts as if it meant nothing to him.

Deep down, he knows he’s madly in love with Noma and drinks himself to sleep – to avoid seeing her.

It’s interesting to see the hard and cold Brutus melt away when Noma is not looking.

Love her or hate her, noma is here to stay!

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