Here is the list of countries which have the most s.e.x

To measure a country’s functionality, experts would quickly point you to its economy and socio-economic framework. While that is undoubtedly true and important, we often don’t measure a country’s functionality by its population.

By population, I mean its natural ability to reproduce. While indeed money makes the world go round, so does s.e.x.

According to the latest statistics, some countries are friskier than others.

1. Greece

This relatively small and picturesque island takes the top spot for the greatest number of adults having s.e.x at least once a week at 87%.

2. Brazil

The land of Samba and caipirinha cocktails, Brazil is just one of the best places to attend a carnival and have s.e.x. Adults here have s.e.x weekly at an 82% average.

3. Russia

While Russia’s harsh winters can be off-putting to those unaccustomed to the bite, the world’s largest nation is among the top three most s.e.xually active countries. Adults here have a weekly s.e.x percentage of 80%.

-daily sun

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