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Interesting things to know about Yasirah Bhelz

Yasirah Bhelz

Sultry pop star Lungi Naidoo also known as Yasirah Bhelz says she is ready to take a break from music. This week, the singer-songwriter talks about the challenges she has faced because of men @busing their power in the industry.

Yasirah Bhelz

“It is sad that it has become the norm for women to give s-e-xual favours to men if they want to grow in their careers. As women, we are suffering because of patriarchy – it is the biggest problem in our industry,” said the talented artist.

Yasirah Bhelz

For legal reasons, Naidoo has opted not to name and shame the culprits. “It has been a rough journey for the past few months,” said the emotional Afro-soul and dance music vocalist. Several music insiders told City Press this week that Naidoo’s career was suffering because she had

Yasirah Bhelz

She is a rising star who is well known for her good work and she is Mzansi’s loved Artist.

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